Up for some binge watching this extended Lockdown? Here’s my recommendation…

We are all at home trying to fight Coronavirus by maintaining social distancing.

The 21 days lockdown announced in India was supposed to end tomorrow, which is 14th April 2022, but owing to increased number of cases especially in last week or so, the decision of extending the lockdown is being considered.

Our PM Narendra Modi ji will address the nation at IST 10:00 am tomorrow and in most likelyhood he might share the details of our current situation and the decision which Government intends to take to ensure that this pandemic can be brought to an end.

If this happens we will have another 16 days or so (until 30th April 2020) to be at home under extended lockdown.

I have been following blogs, Instagram and news and have observed that this time has brought out some positive things as well ๐Ÿ˜Š

For those who always wanted to spend more time with family are now savoring the same. Some have tapped into their creative zone which was buried somewhere amidst the need to fulfill worldly affairs.

A lot of people are trying out their hands at various things, be it cooking or painting, or learning new skill or taking online courses.

Then there are those who love binge watching and are catching up with their favourite movies or episodes or webseries.

I am a freelance consultant and work with very limited clients so most of time I am at home and hence this lockdown and all has made no difference or change in my daily activities. One of the activities which I enjoy the most amongst many other is watching a movie. Yes, I am a movie buff. I have consciously not kept TV at home and my laptop has a considerable collection of movies ( both Hollywood and Bollywood)

I am not into OTT platforms like Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or Hotstar and all but from my mobile network provider I got subscription for Zee5.

It was here that I explored and found some amazing movies and two webseries in particular. So if any one of you wants to do some binge watch which is worth your time and comes with some value addition and dose of motivation topped up with thrill and adventure along with a dash of Spirituality then I highly recommend you to watch this webseries titled ” The Final Call”

“The Final Call” is based on Priya Kumar’s best seller and award winning book “I will Go With You”

The link for the trailer of this webseries is as below :

The Final Call – YouTube Teaser

The webseries has eight episodes, each one of approx 40 minutes running time. The cast is very well chosen and you will witness some great performance from them all, be it Arjun Rampal, Sakshi Tanwar, Javed Jaffrey, Neeraj Kabi, Anupriya Goenka and Vipin Sharma. Right from the start you will be hooked onto your laptop or TV or mobile screen once you start watching it. I saw this series three times and everytime I ended up seeing the entire series in one go… Yes that much I loved watching it.

I have read and re-read, Priya’s books ‘I am Another You” and “The Wise Man Said” and already had idea of her writings. So when I saw the trailer I wanted to see this webseries. And it did not disappoint me a bit.

Priya Kumar is a motivational speaker and author who has written 11 inspirational books. She has more than 27 international book awards to her credit.

With someone having as many awards and great deal of experience and wisdom, I am sure you would definitely like to see the magnificent story telling skills that she delivers. Both, through her books and motivational speakings.

Do watch it and please share your experiences with me in my comments section, so that I can suggest more for you to watch from movies or webseries if you enjoyed watching this one.

Love & Gratitude,

Nilesh Sharma

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