Beautiful sky

Every time I look at the horizon into those sky, it amazes me how even with no dazzling hues of orange or Scarlett's, violets or pinks... The skyline just makes me fill with immense joy and happiness And I feel so blessed and grateful for all the lovely sheets the skyline spreads all across its … Continue reading Beautiful sky

Sketch of an old man…

Today there was no power supply and my phone was kinda low on battery, so with nothing much to do, I channelised my energy into drawing. Came up with this sketch of an old man from a small village working with making basket to earn a dignified living. What do you all think about this … Continue reading Sketch of an old man…


If not anything else we can at least share this blog and after reading this if you drop a mail on the link provided
It will further help the group Let India Breathe to help this cause which is good interest of all the citizens.


Every last week of the month we will be focussing on “CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUES”. We are really sorry that this blog is coming a bit late. But you also know sooner or later we will have a blog for you which is worth your 5-minute read. Coming back to our topic of this week, it is Climate Change and in this we have alot to cover. Many aspects are important I know, but while you are reading this blog we are losing out on time to this particular cause. So, read this article carefully and till the end as participation from each and every one of you counts. By participation I mean just by sharing this blog you can participate in the cause. I’ll explain how for now we’ll get straight into the blog.

As by seeing the title you can assume that we’ll be talking about EIA DRAFT NOTIFICATION…

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