Learnings for kids which only “Home University” can provide…

The lockdown has done few good things for many.

The world has come to a standstill, wild life and animal kingdom are thriving like never before, they are roaming freely and without any fear of being killed or chased.

The burden on the resources of mother earth has been reduced substantially thus allowing it to breath and heal.

Work from home especially here in India is doing both…. the good and the bad. For those who could not stay at home or one place, they are struggling. While those who always wanted to spend time with loved ones are making the most of it.

All the luxuries and comforts and convenience that a typical middle class folks were used to has lost its sheen. With no help ( maids) around people are left with no choice but to attend to all the household chores all by themselves.

For some this is like the worst thing to happen but many are enjoying the process and the change. Majority of the couples are enjoying sharing the household chores and are also spending good amount of time rediscovering each other and the time with kids, while many are researching and experimenting with new recipes. Even kids are helping in the kitchen and other chores.

The lockdown has forced this upon us and since we have no option we are now doing all that from which we refrained ourselves and the kids especially. Should this not be the regular course of all the houses?

Sharing the work, involving kids in most of the household activities such as cooking, cleaning etc.

This way we are ensuring that they are provided with the basic life and survival skills which will always be of use to them wherever they go. 

Learning is an important part of life and no education ever goes waste, so let us all teach all the kids to be self sufficient and independent at all levels  be it decision making, cooking, cleaning, financial management, and all the important aspects of life which as grown ups we have realised are needed and which no school teaches, it can only be learned through only home university πŸ™‚

P.S: This post is also as part of the campaign #CauseAChatter blogging with a purpose, organised by #BlogChatter

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