I am always up for change and like to be in a state of continuous evolution.

I am a learner, seeker, an explorer, a friend and advisor, reader and writer, blogger and a traveler…. very recently I took to painting. I have evolved into all the above over past 3 odd years and wish to add up more as I move forward and explore- more of life and of myself…

Here on this platform I put down my observations, learning’s, experiences, travel tales, musings, poetry’s and anything and everything which I come across and feel the urge of penning down and sharing with you all.

If you feel connected in any way and wish to exchange notes or share your experiences with me, please feel free to drop a message in the comments section or you may even write to me at ‘nilesharma@gmail.com’

It does not matter if you subscribe to my posts, all that matters to me the most is that my post can resonate and relate with you. And if does and you wish to help more like us, then all I ask from you is please share the posts you read, with your friends and dear ones….

Thank you so much for hopping on and I look forward to keep you posted with all the new experiences and some interesting stories f life, of people and my travels. Stay connected …. 🙂

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