Book Review- YAKSHINI by Neil D’Silva

Now that I have been writing book reviews for some time, I was recently asked if I would be interested in writing a review for Horror Fiction. Although I am not a big fan of Horror per se but then I am not averse to it also, so I gave a nod to read one and write my review on the same, and guess what? I loved the book as I read it.

Book: Yakshini

Author: Neil D’ Silva

Genre: Fiction ( I won’t categorize it as a horror)

Publisher: Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd

Yakshini as the name suggests is a demi-god, only here in this book she resides in the body of a girl named ‘Meenakshi’

Shantaram Patil and Renuka Patil stay in a remote village named ‘Vatgaon’ in Maharashtra and already have six girls, and now they are expecting a seventh baby. This time though they are eagerly looking for a baby boy and in order to have son they try to appease Yakshini and carry out a havan.

Something goes amiss during the havan and thus comes to life ‘Meenakshi’ their seventh girl child. Although Patil’s wanted a baby boy this time, they wholeheartedly welcome their next girl child and name her ‘Meenakshi’.

Time passes by and Meenakshi turns out to be an unusually beautiful girl. Even though she is just fifteen but her body is that of a full-grown mature woman of twenty. The boys in her school have all their eyes set on her and want to lay their hands too on her, she is irresistible to all (boys and men alike).

Harikumar is the prospective groom from Mumbai, who comes to see Manda, Shantaram Patil’s eldest daughter for marriage, all goes well till he sees Meenakshi. The very moment he lays his eyes on Meenakshi he gets attracted to her and then and there expresses his desire to marry Meenakshi instead of her eldest sister Manda. This does not go down well with either Patil’s nor his own mother Mrs. Deshmukh. Shantaram Patil does not approve of this and Harikumar is asked to reconsider his decision of marrying Manda. But its too late now, Harikumar has fallen in love with Meenakshi.

As Meenakshi grows so does Yakshini who is inside her is also growing and trying to overpower her. Yakshini despises men and hence when Tappu one of Meenakshi’s classmate and house neighbor tries to force himself  on Meenakshi after he lures her into going with him to a secluded place near an old well where most of the love-struck couples used to visit, Yakshini inside Meenakshi takes over and Tappu faces the brunt of Yakshini’s ire.

Meenakshi remains oblivion to this, she does not remember anything which happened between the time Tappu tried to force himself on her by the well and the next two hours when she finds herself on her way home. Tappu is found in an inebriated state and is not himself anymore.

Second such instance happens when Govind the rowdy guy from their village and her school tries to force himself on Meenakshi. Only this time Yakshini ends up killing him. His body goes missing and no one knows what happened to him, except for the Patil family in whose backyard his dead body lay buried inside the compost pit.

Just after a week of this incident, Suparna takes her two sisters Meenakshi and Kumud to the neighboring village ‘Battis Shirla’ on the occasion of Nag Panchami (the Snake festival). During one of the snake shows one of the villagers from the crowd got too  close to Meenakshi, and she felt his erection between her buttocks, but before she could do anything Yakshini inside her took over and as the mans hands went from Meenakshi’s waist to her breasts, she felt skin of her hands becoming taut, stretching, threatening to crack, she looked down at her fingers and was horrified. This was not her. This dark clammy skin, these popping fingernails… these were not her hands! She was still looking at her hands when a shout passed through the crowd. The loudspeaker blared. ‘MOVE ASIDE!’ She just ducked in time to escape the venom ejected by the King Cobra from the show and hit the chest of the man behind her who was molesting her. The man collapsed instantly, he began to quiver even before he reached the ground, his arms stiffened as he was trying to fight something, and then they fell loose, forever.

The news of this new incident had reached their village too and with the recent episodes of Tappu and Govind, already fresh in the villager’s minds it gave way to rumors of Meenakshi being a ‘Witch’, because all the incidents led the trail to Meenakshi. Meenakshi’s safety and security become Patil famil’s main concern and hence they decide to marry her off to Harikumar and send her to Mumbai.

Will Harikumar who now is Meenakshi’s husband be Yakshini’s next victim? What keeps him alive for the next three years even after their marriage? Will Meenakshi a mere human overcome the power of demonic beast Yakshini, if yes how? To find answers to all this and many more mysteries, do read this fabulously written book “YAKSHINI” by Neil D’Silva.

I managed to read the book in one go and about seven hours or so. The book was a delight to read till its last 254th page. Well knit story, intricate and detailed characters and an intriguing tale kept me hooked to the book all the way till the end page.

My reading experience makes me rate this book a good 4 out of 5. You may place order for your paperback or ebook copy online by clicking these links mentioned below:

Click here >>> Buy Yakshini at Amazon  (Paperback and Kindle Version)

Click here >>> Buy from Publisher  (Paperback and ebook)

Other important Links:

Official website of Author Neil D’Silva:

Publisher Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd:

P.S: This Book Review is part of BlogChatter Book Review Programme. Thank you so much team #BlogChatter for giving me yet another opportunity to read such a wonderful book and write my reading experience of the same. 


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