Small ways to apply growth mindset in daily life

Read this amazing post on Growth Mindset by my fellow blogger Vrunda…

Vrunda Chauk

No matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment.

– Carol Dweck

– Focus more on the efforts you are making. Whatever you do, give it your best. Continue to work hard because you want to get better at your craft.

I am applying this by trying to write more blogs to improve my writing. I do not analyse my productivity or my work based on how much likes I get but on how much effort I put in. The more I continue to do so, the more I will learn and improve. It has been a radical shift in my perspective actually, choosing to focus on my efforts and working hard instead of waiting for some reward.

I remember the kind of blogs I used to write earlier, when I had just started writing and the kind of blogs I write…

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