Until then…

Let days of togetherness And all the beautiful moments Once you shared Serve as fond memories From what you had. And the pain and heartache They gifted you Be the learning lessons From the journey In your search ahead. Let no amount of setbacks Crush your dream of love Love will come finding you, The … Continue reading Until then…

“May ALL have”

Today I had a meeting with one of my recently acquired client. As we were discussing and working on our agenda she received an important phone call which she had to attend to. Since the call was taking long, I started looking at the kind of books she read, and it was then that I … Continue reading “May ALL have”

Five Fundamentally Important Characteristics of a Good Parent

Read this beautiful post on parenting, loved it and hence re-blogging it.

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“There is no job more important than parenting. This I believe.”– Ben Carson


Everyone has different styles and rules that they like to follow when it comes to proper parenting. For some people, discussing the “proper” way to parent can be an entirely contentious issue. I suppose that I have a simpler idea of what it means to be a good parent.


So I’ve compiled 5 points that I believe are indisputable traits of a good parent or guardian.

Love Your Children

This should go without saying, right? 

Unfortunately there are some parents out there that see their children as more of a curse then a blessing. A curse or an instrument of some sort to carry on their own egotistical legacy. Something of that sort. It’s also possible that some parents feel burdened and weighed down by their children. Sure, maybe that’s frustrating if it’s affecting your…

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Nature’s Jewels- The Orchid flower

As you all know I have a love for photography too. Although not with a professional camera but every now and then when I see something pleasing which makes me happy and smile I capture them on my smartphone camera. I love nature and have shared some snaps from nature in my earlier posts. If … Continue reading Nature’s Jewels- The Orchid flower

Don’t loose yourself, while pleasing others

Relationships are meant to help us grow and enjoy the company of the person with whom we are. The one where the involved person is in a happy space and look forward to spend good time together. Isn't it? And here I am not referring to any one particular sort of a relationship, I am … Continue reading Don’t loose yourself, while pleasing others

Awareness Drive: “MY LEFT IS MY RIGHT”

Today I had to go to CSMT (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) for some work of one of my NRI client. Usually I try to avoid coming to this side of town, especially by car, for the following reasons : Car parking is a big issue Ongoing Metro project work Travel time by car from my … Continue reading Awareness Drive: “MY LEFT IS MY RIGHT”