Some shine, some shade…

Captured this sight and was amazed to see the magic of nature, same amount of light falling on all at the same time on the same tree and leaves, yet some leaf shine and some came under shade.

Life in The Time of Coronavirus

Sharing a very well written and beautifully explained and covered a sensitive subject in the current scenario by my fellow blogger and friend Cristian Mihai ….

Cristian Mihai

I don’t usually post my personal views on current events or popular topics, because I:

  1. usually don’t watch TV. At all.
  2. live in my own little world and keep focusing on the things that I have to do.

That being said, I thought I should address a few things that I’ve noticed in the past couple of weeks.

Number one… the sheer amount of misinformation.

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Bade hokar kya banoge beta…?

Something which either we have been subjected to as kids or are subjecting our kids consciously or unconsciously…. a must-read post for all the parents whose kids are either in school or will be soon going to school….

Ashwini Chaumal

My Childhood was no different as compared to most others. Everyone I met had the same question “Bade hokar kya banoge beta?” (What would you like to become when you grow?).

All my friends either wanted to become a doctor, or an engineer, or an architect or something else. There was no end to the list. Neither was there an end to the judgments of the society around our aspirations.

I remember when I was in grade 7 a teacher once asked the whole class about our ambitions. When it was my turn, I said I wanted to become a model. And everyone started to laugh. I was asked if I loved wearing short cloths and showing off my body to other men. Remember, I was only 13 and for me modeling was only ramp walking wearing those expensive outfits with loads of makeup which I always loved…

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I stand by my Governments initiative-“Janata Curfew”

Dear all, We are all in the midst of a pandemic we never faced, and in this troubled times some of the simple yet most important thing each one of us can do to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are as below: BE MINDFUL KEEP CALM DO NOT GIVE IN TO RUMORS KEEP … Continue reading I stand by my Governments initiative-“Janata Curfew”