We are all Seekers!!!

Recently I got an opportunity to visit a spiritual commune located on the outskirts of Mumbai, named “Gowardhan Eco Village“. It’s in Hamrapur Village near Wada, about two hours drive from where I live in Mumbai.

A Global Water Conference was organized there and a very dear friend of mine Shri. Vithal C Nadkarni asked me to go with him. Here I got to meet amongst others “Radhanath Swamiji“.

WithSwami RadhaNath_GowardhanEcoVillage

With Radhanath Swamiji, Gauragnaga Das Prabhu and my dear friend Vithalji

It was a great event and my meeting with such great and evolved souls was a very blissful experience.

After I came home I did some research on Radhanath Swamiji and came across his several videos on YOUTUBE. Listening to him I felt like wanting to know more of him. I also learned that he had written several books and amongst them, one was his autobiography.

I was particularly interested in reading his autobiography because this was the first time I had met someone like him in person, a real Swami and I was curious to know more about him through his book.

As if my call was answered, just a few weeks later I again got an opportunity to visit there with yet another close friend of mine and bought his book “The Journey Home” Autobiography of an American Swami “RADHANATH SWAMI” from the gift shop there. 


The book is accounts of his travels and adventurous journey as a nineteen-year youth who sets out all the way from Chicago to India as a seeker in search of true meaning and purpose of his life.

His story is very fascinating and captivating with some death-defying situations from which he miraculously escapes. The narratives of his tales such as how he reached India and how he met several Sages, Mystics, and Sages while searching for that one Guru in whose service he could commit his entire life is something which kept me glued to the book till the last page.

Swamiji’s story is a motivation for all the seekers who are seeking the purpose of there life be it for spiritual enlightenment or material gains. His story inspires and tells us that anyone through sheer determination, perseverance, patience, and belief can achieve their greater mission.

On personal note, as I was reading this book I could relate to the time when I was in a similar situation and was battling my own struggles and how I overcame them through my entire journey when I was searching for the answers I was seeking. Just like Swamiji, I too managed to find the answers I was seeking 🙂

This book reaffirmed my belief …

“When one wholeheartedly commits himself/ herself,

to that which he/she is seeking,

they truly will find it one day eventually,

All one needs is Patience, Perseverance and Determination” 

~ Nilesh Sharma

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