Taking baby steps in Video making…

Life is all about acquiring new skills and learning.

Keeping up with this philosophy, I recently acquired a new skill, that of making videos using video editor tool.

Although I have been taking photographs and shooting some scenic videos from my travels, but putting them in an album or making a slide show out of them never occurred to me.

But that has changed now.

I have decided to make an album/ slideshow from the travels and compile a video of it and share with you all on my channel “Nilesh Sharma- YouTube”

Yes, I know it may sound silly, but then I acquired this skill only very recently.

I took help from some online tutorials of some fantastic Vloggers on Youtube.

A very special thanks to “Billi 4 You

His video “Best Video Editing Software for you”really helped me the most 🙂

I am taking baby steps, one at a time. Mistakes are bound to happen, but so will the new learning.

With time I will master the art, in the meantime enjoy my kiddish work on display for you all to laugh and have some :)))

Find below my video which I have uploaded very recently, in an attempt to make a presence on a new platform which is “Youtube” for me.

If you want to know more of  this trip, I had also written in detail about it on my blog “River Rafting @ Rishikesh

Please revert with your feedback and ideas as it will help me greatly.

I look forward to suggestions and support from you all. Thanks for reading,

Happy day 🙂


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