Fun Movie with a Dose of Inspiration

Mostly all of us love to watch movies, isn’t it?

And the best thing about movies is that everyone gets to choose their pick of genres (Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror, Inspirational, Musical etc…)

Like many other blissful things in life I also enjoy the liberty of watching movies usually at least 3-4 in a week 🙂 some times one every day 😉

For some, it may look like a waste of time but the way I see it, every movie has something to teach us. They can be looked as a package which is filled with loads of drama and emotions, sometimes joy of songs and dance, fun element by way of comedy, some fight sequence here or a murder or mystery there, and romance ….but above all they all come with some sort of message.

Today I am writing about one such movie (A Real-Life Story) which is not only fun to watch but comes with loads of  “Dose of Motivation”

Plot of the Movie
It is a story about an old man Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) who lived in a  village named Invercargill in New Zealand.

Anthony Hopkins as ‘Burt Munro’

He is very passionate about motorcycling and speed. He has a 1920 Indian Scout which he modifies in his workshop such that the bike which was designed for a speed of 55 mph touches a recorded speed of 205 mph. Not only this he simultaneously also worked on increasing the capacity of the bike from 600cc initially to 950cc.

The Bike – Indian Scout

He is retired and does not have much money on him, but over a period of time manages to save enough to head to the USA to fulfill his dreams. He boards a ship from New Zealand with his bike in the ship’s cargo to go to the USA. He is traveling on n tight budget so takes on to cooks meals aboard for the Shippy’s

Here I come to America

On his way he comes across a number of amazing people who help him reach his destination, And yes he also happens to meet a lover for a very brief time 😉

Finally he reaches his dream destination ” The Salt Flats of Bonneville

Bonneville Salt Flats

Here he meets Jim Moffet (Christopher Lawford) who is also a bike enthusiast and they become friends. Jim finds it amazing to learn that Burt has come for speed landing and helps him get through the process of participation for speed landing at Bonneville Salt Flats.

The Friend and supporter- Jim Moffet

Once at Bonneville and after a lot of convincing and coercing the panelists at Bonneville speed landing allows Burt to give a chance, but they first need to know if the bike is good enough to qualify for the speeding.

Heading for trial run on the Salt Flats

During the trial run Burt realizes that his bike needs some modifications and fine-tuning. He makes the necessary changes with his other two friends whom he also meets while in Bonneville. Before he gets back on to the track he wants to test ride his bike so goes for a ride to Nevada where there is no restriction on speed limit. While he was speed riding a police officer coming from the opposite side of the road notices him and comes after him. He chases Burt with the police siren on and Burt pulls over to side of the road. He asks him the reason for his speeding and Burt explains why he was doing so.

Burt pulls over his car for the Police Officer

After his episode with the Police officer and convinced that is bike is good to go for the speed run Burt reports to the Bonneville Salt Flats speed tracks the following morning. He is greeted by supporters gathered there who had seen him the other day when he did the trial run to qualify for participation.

As he starts his bike on the track everybody stands there holding their breath and praying for Burt’s well being more than anything else. The announcers are keeping track of his bike run progress and are reporting it live as Burt is riding and speeding up with each passing LAP.

Announcers at Bonneville Salt Flats

If you liked what you read so far, I am sure you would like to know more… as in What happens to Burt?  Does he make it through the highest speed? What about his bike from 1920 which he modified and is running on the Salt Flats of Bonneville in 1967 (almost 47 years after its manufacturing)? What are the lessons and what made me choose this movie as a source of motivation and inspiration?

Answers to all of the above (and many more questions which are coming up in your mind) see this brilliantly made movie made on the life of Burt Munro who followed his dream with sheer grit and determination and passionately worked on his bike to achieve the feat which most in his age ( and otherwise) won’t even dare to think of .

Trailer of the movie – The Worlds Fastest Indian
I present to you a glimpse of the movie through its trailer below.

The Worlds Fastest Indian (2005)

Click here >>> for the Cast & Crew of “THE WORLDS FASTEST INDIAN”

I hope you will enjoy this movie as much as I enjoyed and share your experience and learning’s from this movie with me soon enough.

If you enjoyed this post of mine do like and share it.

Your comments will help me understand if I should bring more of such motivating and fun movies for you all.

Thank you all for your valuable time, have a happy day 🙂

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