From one of my evening walks …

I have mentioned in some of my earlier post that I go for evening walks. This is the only major physical activity I do to keep myself physically fit and healthy 😉 The other night as I was walking I saw this tree with flowers in the shade of light at night hours and it … Continue reading From one of my evening walks …

Magic is everywhere

Now that the life has come to a standstill for most, here's something for you all to see and marvel. These tiny beautiful flowers looks like a pallette of color showcasing the shades of yellow and pink. What a wonderful creation by the creator... Magic is happening everywhere every moment, we are noticing them now, … Continue reading Magic is everywhere

This one’s off my Bucket List now

It's been a few years that wine-making is happening now in India too, and more and more people are developing taste for Wines. Nasik and its suburbs are where most of the winemaking plants can be found in India. Although some of the famous brands are here and even though the place is just about … Continue reading This one’s off my Bucket List now

2020 started with a surprise gift!!!

Not even two days into the Year 2020 and I was pleasantly surprised to receive these beautiful gifts from team BlogChatter. This handcrafted card (above) came in as a surprise gift. Isn't this a beautiful piece of art? And this cute little fridge magnet came along with the card and a handwritten note. Bigggg thaaannnnkkkk … Continue reading 2020 started with a surprise gift!!!

Give away’s led to a memorable takeaway

It's the time of the year when I tried to declutter my wardrobe. Although I am not much of a shopper yet I was surprised to find so many clothes in my wardrobe (courtesy my younger brother) which are no longer used. I spend the entire afternoon separating the ones that were to be kept … Continue reading Give away’s led to a memorable takeaway

Nature’s Jewels- The Orchid flower

As you all know I have a love for photography too. Although not with a professional camera but every now and then when I see something pleasing which makes me happy and smile I capture them on my smartphone camera. I love nature and have shared some snaps from nature in my earlier posts. If … Continue reading Nature’s Jewels- The Orchid flower