My Unexpected trip to Himachal Pradesh #2~Shimla

In this series I am sharing my experience and pics from recent trip to Himachal Pradesh. In my previous post I shared my Road trip from Chandigarh to Shimla, if you haven’t read it please click here >>> “Road Trip Chandigarh to Shimla”

We had decided to get up early in the morning and head out to explore Shimla. Everybody was up at the agreed time. When in the morning I went out on to the balcony I was amazed by the breathtaking view of the Valley. It was something I had never seen and this alone made for the trip. Everyone was zapped by what they saw, and the kids…well they went on with clicking selfies πŸ™‚

After soaking in the valley views and everyone ready we set off for Shimla sight seeing. In my last post I had mentioned that our driver for the day was Mr. Ashok. He was all ready and greeted us all with smile and enthusiasm. I briefed him with our plan and the places we wanted to see. He assured us that we need not have to worry and that he will take care of it. Our first stop was for breakfast, and he took us to a place he said was good. The food was okay but not great.

The next on Mr. Ashok’s list was Green Valley. As described the place was mesmerizing. The deep and expansive valley was loaded with pine trees all over. Everywhere the eyes went the valley was filled with pine trees and it was breath taking view.

The ladies rented Himachali traditional attires and decided on taking pics and selfies. Mr. Ashok also spoke to one of the photographers there and got the ladies clicked with a promise that he will get the pics from him later in the evening.

He then took us to an adventure park which by the way was not part of our itinerary and plan. He insisted we all will have great fun, so even if we were not interested we went there only to tell him that we have far better adventure park in Mumbai then where he brought us. (Series of disappointments and waste of time started from this point)

He then took us to Kufri which again was not in our plans but then we decided to go. Luckily enough this place had some adventure activities like Horse riding, Zipline, Burma bridge etc. which kids were interested in and also there were Apple orchards which we all wanted to see. We did have fun there but the time it took for us to do all was more than we expected which was beyond three hours, and by the time we came out it was already 5:30 pm 😦

We wanted to visit Jakhu temple before its closing time which was 7:00 pm but instead Mr. Ashok first took us to Himachal Pradesh Handicrafts Emporium saying that we have enough time and that this emporium is must visit for all tourists. This again was a total waste of time and worst of all we got stuck in such bad traffic that then there was no point in visiting the temple as it was beyond 7:30 pm already.

Mr. Ashok was one big disappointment and all our Shimla sight seeing plans went for a big toss. We were all so very disappointed with him, he was not interested in showing us around at all, it more appeared to us that he was more interested in ensuring that he takes us to places where we end up buying things so that he gets his cuts in all that we purchased.

As soon as we reached our homestay, I called Gaurav to make sure that he was back and Mr. Ashok is not accompanying us any more. Shimla trip could have been much better had our original driver stayed back. Why I say so ? well you will find it out in my future posts on this series.

Did any of you ever came across driver like Mr. Ashok who ruined your trip? Do share your experience and stay tuned for my next post on our time at Manali. Until then stay happy stay safe πŸ™‚

Love & gratitude,

Nilesh Sharma

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