Travel Tales of a Backpacker~ Day 2 -Pondicherry

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog for more from my travel tales in Southern India 🙂

In previous two blogs you read how my travel was planned and what all we explored on our first day in Pondicherry , if you have not read them already please do so now !!!

My travel companion was there with me only on the first day, and now I was all by myself. Although I continued to stay at railway station but I changed my room. I had no intention of sleeping with mosquitoes after my previous night’s experience and so I upgraded and shifted to AC room and guess what, I got it for INR. 540 only 🙂 After a well slept night I was looking forward to explore more of Pondicherry.

Since most of the things we had already covered on previous day, on my second day I decided to walk to French colony and visit the cafes there. The walk was at leisurely pace and I loved every bit of my time spent wandering around the French colony.

An acquaintance had shared an image of a café from there so I decided to check that out.

Painting on the outside wall of the café

I liked the place as soon as I set my foot in CAFE DES ARTS, the whole set up was vintage like. The ambience was good and gave a cozy feeling.

The window

The café houses some vintage items like cameras, radio sets, crockeries etc.

Crockery from the Café Des Arts

The place is divided into different setups such as a dining area, casual seating area & coffee tables on the inside of the building and bar tables and normal restaurant kind seating in the verandah area.

The Coffee table

The overall feel at the café was good and I spent some good time reading and just observing the place and the people there. The café staff did not bother to disturb for a long time. I did not try anything to eat but yes I relished on a cup of black coffee and it was good.

After spending about an hour or so, I left the place and went on from one lane to other marveling at the architecture and cafes and all the other shops in the French colony.

I have only seen stairs from out side of a building in Hollywood movies, but here I saw one in real. All the way up the spiral stairs appearing to be giving access to the building and to the terrace from the outside.

It was a well spent day mostly in French colony and at leisure having no rush of reaching anywhere else. My over all experience of exploring Pondicherry was great and this place is off my bucket list, though I would like to visit here sometime again.

In my next blog I will share some more pics and travel tales from my next destination….”KANYAKUMARI” some also write it as “KANIAKUMARI”

Until then take care, and yes do not forget to like this post and subscribe if you have not done that already.

Happy day, stay safe 🙂

Love & gratitude,

Nilesh Sharma

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