My impromptu trip to Pondicherry and other places in South of India…

Hello all,

I was not feeling inspired enough to write hence did not post anything in a long time 😦

But hey that changed when I took this little impromptu trip down south in India 🙂 And Voila I have so much to share with you all now.

Apart from many things I like doing, travelling is one thing which both excites and rejuvenates me. I guess we all look forward to travel every once in a while, at least I do, what about you all?

Okay, so I do travel short distances every now and then but it had been a while since I went out on a long distance travel destination. The last trip I took was to Hrishikesh and the snippets from that trip I have shared in one of earlier blogs. If you have not checked it yet, click here =>> nilesharmaa.wordpress.riverrafting

Ohhh I just remembered I also had been on a road trip with two of my friends in September 2021 (will write about that trip soon)

The most recent trip which I took was to Pondicherry (Puducherry). It was by far one of the most unplanned trips. It was 25th of February, the Friday around 1530 hours in my home and I was feeling restless and wanted to just go somewhere. I opened the google maps trying to figure out where I should head and soon knew where I wanted to go.

I opened the IRCTC website and was lucky enough to get the confirmed to and fro tickets for my journey. Now there was no stopping me 🙂

On my way to Pondicherry by train

Also check out this video from my instagram handle @nilesharmaa

I did not plan any itinerary I just decided to leave. On 27th February I was on the train to Chennai. I got a connecting train for Puducherry and within twenty four hours I was at Pondicherry ( somehow I like the sound of Pondicherry much more pleasing then Puducherry)

I had made no hotel reservations, so while I was in train I tried my luck with booking a retiring room/ dormitory which is available in most of the big railway stations across India. Luckily I got the booking for dormitory and that too for just INR.150 only can you believe it ?

I wanted to make the most of it in least of the amount and I quite successfully managed to do it. I started my journey on 27th February and was home on 5th of March. I visited Pondicherry, Auroville, Kanyakumari and Chennai and managed to do it all under INR.10,000 only 🙂

What all did I see at these places? Where I stayed? What were the mode of transport I used? and How I managed to make the most of my travel is something I will share in my next post, so stay tuned and don’t forget to like and share my posts and start following my blog if you have not done that already…..

Love & Gratitude,

Nilesh Sharma

4 thoughts on “My impromptu trip to Pondicherry and other places in South of India…

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