Book Review~ KINTSUGI (Anukrti Upadhyay)

After a very long time I got the opportunity to write a review for a book, courtesy Sona from Blogchatter.

As much as I love to write, I enjoy reading too, and hence whenever I am offered a book to review I almost every time grab the opportunity πŸ™‚

As you all know from my previous post “Change is Good” that I have shifted to new apartment and guess what, as soon as I moved in here, I got this message from Sona, asking me if I would be interested in reviewing a book?

Sharing with o all m reading experience, hope you all will enjoy it πŸ™‚

Book Title: KINTSUGI





Cover Page

I loved the cover page design and the color, especially the fine detailing done in the book title’s alphabets. The book is hard bound and the feel of holding it is very soothing.

The book revolves around six prime characters namely Haruko, Meena, Leela, Yuri, Prakash and Hajime

Haurko is deeply interested in learning the fine art of jewelry designing and comes to learn the same from the finest in Jaipur. While doing so she also meets Prakash who is an orthopaedic doctor who treats her after she meets an accident in the by lanes of Jaipur bazaar.

Prakash is supposed to get married to his childhood friend and neighbor Meena who goes to Tokyo on a research scholarship, where Meena meets Yuri and things change.

While resting at haveli after accident Haruko observes that Leela the daughter of the craftsman from who she is learning the art has deep interest in learning the trade her family is into, but being born in an orthodox and conservative Marwari family she is not approved of doing so. However, on Haruko’s insistence and motivation Leela devotes herself into learning the craft.

The story showcases the strength of a woman’s mind, their perseverance and Power of patience and determination. I found this book to be a good read. The detail and depth in which the jewelry designing and its various art forms are mentioned is something I was not aware of. It also sheds light on sometimes not so simple to fathom human relationships.

I would give 3 out of 5 for the book and would recommend all to read this book especially if you are interested in and want to know about the fine craft of jewelry designing.

The book is available as Hardbound and also as Kindle version. The link for the online purchase is here >>> KINTSUGI (Anukrti Upadhyay)

For more on author & her other books click here >>> ANUKRTI UPADHYAY

To get in touch with her publishers click here >>> Harper Collins

P.S: This review was written as part of “BlogChatters Book Review Program

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