Change is good :)

Dear all,

Its been a while I was out of radar. I missed reading your blogs and writing mine 😦

Well the reason was simple, a lot happened in last couple of weeks, two months to be precise. Firstly a family friend of mine needed some medical intervention so had to attend to her at the hospital for about 15 days or so. As soon as that was over I had to do arrangements for shifting to my new apartment. This new place is far from the city hustle bustle, so less pollution and crowd, and loads of greenery can be seen around. Sharing some of the pics from my new apartment.

Then soon after I shifted a very dear friend of mine also shifted to the neighboring building in the same complex, that too in the midst of all the interior work which is still in progress at her new house, so trying to help her too with shopping for her new house and getting familiar with the new place and surroundings, speaking of which while exploring this new place I happened to bump on these beauties in the middle of the road 🙂

So yes even though I missed reading blogs of all you wonderful people from this blogging community, I also enjoyed exploring and getting accustomed to my new place and helping around 🙂

Now that I am more ore less settled in my new abode and taken care of all the backlog on the work end , I will write more regularly and interact with you all on your wordpress posts too 🙂

Have a Happy Day 🙂

10 thoughts on “Change is good :)

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