A movie that renewed my passion for learning 😇

One of the things which I have learned very late in life is “The Joy of Learning”.

Yes, you read it right, i learned this very late in life. But then as they say it’s never too late 😉

As a student in my school days my way of learning was to by-heart the lessons. Of course it helped me pass and get through school and college eventually getting a degree which in this so called real world is considered very essential to get a job.

But is it really?

Now when I look at it, I realize that it has not helped me much. Okay initially it did help me get a job and all but do I have an understanding of the subjects I studied while in school or college. The answer is big NO.

And when I look back I realise that it is so because fundamentally my emphasis should have been on understanding what I was studying rather than mugging them up 😦

And what enlightened me on this?

One movie! Yes a movie. I realised how understanding of what we learn in school is so important after I saw the movie 3 Idiots. Yes this movie changed the whole perspective of mine and I wish the concepts there were taught to me when we were in school.

If you want to understand why I am saying so I urge you to please see this movie, and you will know why I felt the need to mention about this movie.

A glimpse of it can be seen in this (link) >>> funny yet very profound scene from this movie

This movie has help a me a great deal, and I have discovered a renewed passion to learn and explore and this is growing by leaps and bound.

If you come across a student or a parent who are putting more emphasis on studies for the sake of degree then for the joy of learning, then please ask them to see and learn the lessons taught and messages conveyed by way of entertainment through this brilliant movie.

P.S: This post is also as part of the campaign #CauseAChatter blogging with a purpose, organised by #BlogChatter


Nilesh Sharma

6 thoughts on “A movie that renewed my passion for learning 😇

  1. Wonderful! Hi I just wanted to tell you in case you haven’t seen, that I have nominated you for the Vincent Ehindero blogger award, in a post today.
    I hope you will accept but if you don’t want to participate I do understand. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Morag for nominating me for Vincent Ehindero’s blogger award. I am so happy that you not only remembered me but also considered and nominated me, however Vincent is a good friend and he already had extended the same to me couple of weeks ago, so I would rather appreciate if this time some other fellow blogger gets this opportunity.


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