Mumbai Migrant Workers, Real Life Hero – Sonu Sood

The entire world is fighting the outbreak of this pandemic called Coronavirus or Covid- 19. Every one is gripped with an uncertainty and to some extent fear.

Most of us as safe in the confines of our house but what about those who are out on the roads. The so called underprivileged ones.

Although Governments, NGO’s, Corporates, celebrities and people in the position to do something are doing there best to help these poor people and yet a large section of people are not getting the kind of help they expected from there government.

The country where i reside which is India, one such section of people belong to migrant workers. These are the people who had come to major cities and Metros in search of jobs and livelihood.

Ever since the lockdown was announced on 25th March 2020, the entire nation has come to a standstill, and almost everybody is staying in their respective homes and is praying and hoping that this crisis come to an end.

But the crisis seems to be heading north for the worst it seems and these migrant workers have ran out of resources to continue living in the cities they had come to. With all the transportation closed they have no other means to travel to their respective homes in the natives than to walk. News channels and WhatsApp feeds are flooded with images and videos of these migrants who are walking on highways to reach their native lands.

In Mumbai there is one person who took upon himself to see to it that these migrant workers can travel safely to their homes in their native lands such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka etc.

Sonu Sood, is an actor who has come forward to help these people. He along with some of his team members has made arrangements to send more than 10,000 people to their homeland by arranging buses which are taking thousands of people from Mumbai to various parts of countries.

You can see the video in the link below which covers the aspects of his work and the kind of efforts he and his team along with Police and Government are taking to ensure that these stuck up people who are trying to reach their homeland reach there safely. I. His effort to ensure that maximum people reach their homeland Sonu Sood has also come up with a helpline number where migrants can call and register themselves with all their details.

Video link >>> Sonu Sood comes to rescue of Migrant Workers

If not anything else the least I can do is I acknowledge and share his work with all of you so that if any of you know people who are in a position to do something or you yourself wants to help the people around you, this man has set a great example of humanity and service to others.

Sonu Sood we as a Nation are very proud of you for this stellar work you are doing for your countrymen.

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