Unbelievably Wonderful!

Came across this such a wonderful and profound post, it’s a must read for all…
” Letter by Abraham Lincoln to his sons Headmaster”

Read. Love. Live

Have you ever come across any piece of literature… Or any article, that immediately went to your heart? (If yes, do write it in the comment section).

We all might have had ‘that’ moment, when we get too motivated from reading a wonderful tiny piece. Well, recently I have had that moment.

I think a few days back, I was re- decorating my room (only because of my mother’s insistence. Otherwise I am happy with how my room is! After all, it’s not that bad) and then I came across my seventh grade textbook. I can’t believe it is still there after all these years! Perhaps Mom is right!

I was rummaging through the book and one chapter caught my attention. I have no memory of learning that chapter. I started reading the chapter, whose title was


I got even more curious and…

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