What’s the password…


In one of my earlier posts, “Actions speak louder than words” I shared a little story about my dear friend “A” and her dilemma, which I am sure you all have already read, NOOO? If not then please read it before you get on with this one.

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This one is a true story of my friend “A”, and unlike last time I am writing this because “A,” asked me to write it for her and “D”

So the other day “A” called me to tell that she is feeling low and don’t know why she is reacting this way. I asked her what the matter is and this is what she narrated….

Nilesh as you know ME and “D” are going steady for a while now and we have become much closer and talk about our likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies and stuff like that openly besides other things in general. So he knew I like bikes and always dreamed of owning a Yamaha RX100. Coincidentally he owns one of which I had no idea, because usually when we meet or go out it’s either in his car or my Aviator.

One fine morning he came to meet me on his Yamaha RX 100 and the moment I saw it I was like excited and asked him if I can drive it? A sheepish smile came over his lips and he nodded in yes and handed over me the keys. I tried starting it but the bike didn’t start, I kicked several times but it did not budge as if telling me ‘stay off me I belong to Him’

I gave up and he kicked and guess what? It started on the very first kick and it was like one of the most embarrassing moments for me L anyways now since the bike was started I took onto the driving and we went for a short drive within the locality. I enjoyed every moment of the drive on my dream bike which is Yamaha RX100. After the ride I asked “D” if I can have it for few days, to which he said sure, it needs some work after which I will bring it over to you and you can keep it for maybe 2-3 days.

Days passed and then came the date of my Birthday… “D” had asked me out for dinner with my son. The place he picked was amazing with great ambiance and awesome food. I could see he had put in great efforts in planning this and boy o boy was I happy? I was like in the seventh sky. I had never imagined “D” would go to the lengths of doing all this and that too for me. He made me feel special and I loved every bit of it J

After dinner “D” came to drop us home and then guess what? He gave me a surreal surprise… he handed over his bikes keys to me and said that I can keep it for a week.

And you know Nilesh what I did? Since it was my Birthday, I shamelessly said I want it for a month.

“D” looked at me with amazement and his eyes rolled up, and all this while I looked at him with that puppy face look in my eyes and a cunning smile you know, to which he gave in and said okay but only for one month and smiled.

I couldn’t believe my ears and tears of joy came outflowing from my eyes on my cheeks and I just hugged him tightly.

The following morning I was all pumped up to take his bike (which is for me to use for a month) to my office. And as it happened earlier the bike refused to start, after trying several times I finally called and asked “D” this…. “Arre yaar bike chalu karne ka password tou bataa do” to which I could hear all his laughing loud on the other side of the phone having fun at my expense L

Never the less “D” said he will be there in a jiffy and so did he. He kicked the pedal and the bike started immediately with his very first strike, and I was like really started wondering is it even possible that a mere machine can make out the difference between touch and feel of a person and that is there any sort of connection between them as with us humans?

Days passed and the trouble which I faced in initial days starting bike receded as if a connection was developing between me and RAXA (yes I even named his bike) inspired by the words RX of this bike –YAMAHA RX100.

Now the bike starts with just one kick mostly and I feel a sort of connect and an attachment with it so much so that one day as ME and “D” were talking and he suggested that one month time period is coming near end and that he will come to collect the bike and keys in the coming week, I just couldn’t stop myself and started crying inconsolably…

Deeply disturbed and concerned by my impromptu outburst of cry “D” asked ME what happened, but I just could not bring myself to say to him “Please don’t ask of taking away the bike not now, not yet” 

I did not say anything and hung up the phone, after which I dropped a message to “D” saying that I will talk to him later. I cried the whole night. 

The next day we met and “D” asked me the reason for my crying the previous night, and all I managed to do was smile (thinking about my stupid behavior) and asked for a change of subject, to which he readily obliged.

The month came to an end and the day had arrived to give back RAXA to its rightful owner. It took a great deal of effort and courage to LET GO of something with which I had developed a deep bond of LOVE and attachment.

RAXA was gone and I was sad and lost. The following day early morning “D” called me and said these words “Arre yaar bike chalu karne ka password tou bataa do

It took a while for me to understand the meaning of what he just said, and when I did tears of joy started flowing from her eyes uncontrollably.