This one’s off my Bucket List now

It’s been a few years that wine-making is happening now in India too, and more and more people are developing taste for Wines.

Nasik and its suburbs are where most of the winemaking plants can be found in India. Although some of the famous brands are here and even though the place is just about three hours drive from where I live, I somehow could not get the chance to be at one till very recently.

Last week, as I was talking to my neighbor and our conversation, went around travel and this is when he shared his visit to one of the lesser-known wineries near Nasik. Since it was his first-hand experience and he spoke highly of the place I made plans to go there soon enough.

I spoke to 2-3 friends of mine and one of them agreed to go with me, and so last week we both went out to get our first ever experience of winery exploration.

We took the road trip and as we drove I got down several times on our way to take pictures of some of the views I liked and wanted to capture.


Far away from the road, this Mountain Top has some amazing Taperings

I could not stop myself from taking the ic of this beautiful mountain which has some really amazing formations on the top


This mountain top is Shaped like a Conical cap

This was taken from a village we came across on our way as we approached our destination, the mountain top resembled the shape of a conical cap one that was donned by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj


Bushings in the Vaitarna River

I had to take this one, as I had never seen anything as beautiful as these. The bushings you see are submerged almost 6 feet in waters of the Vaitarna river.


Road with a water reservoir on both the sides

This road passes straight between the Vaitarna River on one side and Mukane Reservoir on the other side and the view looked fabulous.

We reached our destination at about 1435 hrs, a mere two and a half-hour drive and at a distance of about 130 km from Thane where I live.


Our Destination- Vallonne Vineyards 🙂

The entire place is spread over a sprawling 21 acres of land, of which only 10 acres are currently used for the vineyard (Grape Plantation).

Vallonne Vineyards has an amazing Restaurant – “Malaka Spice which serves some really good food, where we headed straight as we reached, they say na “PEHLE PET POOJA, USKE BAAD KAAM DUJA’ 🙂

We were hungry and also the next Tasting tour was to begin at 1500 hrs so we placed our food order as soon as we got in, and it came out in like less than ten minutes 🙂 and I must say the food was yummm…


Our Food Platter- Burma Noodles

After having food we headed for our Wine Tour and Tasting exploration and we were introduced to Mr. Prabhakar Kale our Wine Tasting and Tour Guide.


Our Guide Mr. Prabhakar Kale (Extreme Right Corner)

Mr. Kale was a warm and friendly person, as we walked towards the processing unit he shared the details and history of the Vineyard. “Vallonne Vineyards Pvt Ltd is a brainchild of Mr. Shailendra Pai, and was established in the year 2009 on the 26th of February.

They produce White, Rose and Red Wines and currently have about 10 labels under there flagship. “Anokhee” is their Reserve Wine and was made in only two batches one was in 2014 and the next one last year in 2019. This is their premium collection wine.


Vallonne Wines on Display

Apart from all of the above they also have a very special Dessert Wine which goes by the name “Vallonne Vin De Passerillage” which my friend bought as a takeaway from their in house sales gallery.

One of the most unique offerings they have for you is that you can place an order for customized wine with your own label. All you have to do is buy a smaller wooden barrel which has a capacity of about 36 bottles of 750 ml wine choose your grape viz Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, etc and voila you have your own brand of wine to boast of and host a party for your friends relatives or at corporate gatherings.


Some of the customized wine Labels ordered by their clients

Our Wine Tour & Tasting session lasted for about 75 minutes and every information Mr. Kale shared was worth soaking in and remembering if one has a love for wines. We learned the kinds of wines made, how they are processed, their uniqueness and storing ways and the fine art of consuming them with complementing accompaniments to go with.


Vallonne Vineyards Grape plantations along Mukane Reservoir

The Grape plantations take place along the coast of Mukane reservoir on one side and Hilly terrain on the right side of this above view.

The place offers a beautiful view from the terrace of the restaurant and also from 2 of the 4 rooms which they have in the property should you decide to stay for a day or more. Relax and enjoy the scenic beauty all around you from the balcony of your room with a wine glass in hand and some great company of friends or loved ones by your side to make some everlasting lovely memories.

This was something I wished to do for a long time and finally managed to tick it off from amongst many things from my bucket list. We came out gathering experience of a lifetime and a trip which we will remember and cherish for a very very long time 🙂

What is the one thing which you ticked off from your bucket list and how was the experience? I look forward to reading your stories just the way you ended up reading mine.

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