Saudade Day in Brazil (Reblog)

Hi dear all

As I was going through my list of blog posts today which I am subscribed to, I came across this one and wanted to reblog, but since there was no reblog option on my fellow blogger friend’s blog site I am sharing the link for the same for you all to read.

How many of you are aware of Saudade Day? At least I wasn’t, but thanks to Ashwini Navathe of “Kaleidoscope of My Life” I now know what it is celebrated/ stands for 🙂

For those who want to find out please click the link below:

Saudade Day in Brazil (Original post from- Kaleidoscope of My Life)


Image Courtesy- Google Images

The above link is to the site of Ashwini Navathe of  “Kaleidoscope of My Life

Thank you Ashwini for this post.

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