When thoughts leads to drawing

As a child painting is something most of us took to naturally. There is nothing in particular, we wanted to draw but we just allowed the thoughts to take over and grab hold of pencil/ pen and paper sometimes even colors. I often see kids immersed in this state and it keeps me wondering what is it they are trying to draw. And even though it may not be to perfection but in their own way, they manage to bring out the best of their imagination and happily show it to everyone around or sometimes just keep it to themselves.

Today I experienced something similar and had an innate desire to draw. I sat down on my work, took out an A4 size paper and a pencil, sharpened it and allowed my thoughts to take over and this what I ended up drawing 🙂


Just like when I sit in to write a blog I allow the words to flow and that eventually turns into a post which all you wonderful people out there read and appreciate, sometimes connect with them and also share your thoughts on them.

Here too, when I started I did not know what I will be drawing, I just allowed the thought to take over and allowed my hand to scribble with the thoughts. And when I finished I liked what I saw, and thought of sharing with you all my work just like kids do 🙂

I did not wanted to add colors, maybe because this is the best possible way I wish to see it all black and whites.

Do you draw often or sometimes or have completely lost touch with your creative side, do write to me and share what motivates or inspires you to draw. I would like to read your stories and your experiences on drawings.

One thought on “When thoughts leads to drawing

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