AfterTaste- Art For Service, Art With A Purpose

Hi all 🙂

It’s been a while since I wrote about anything other than the book review I did recently. If you haven’t read it already here is the link for you to read >>>>Our Song (Milan Vohra)

I am not much into buying things especially some home decor stuff. My reasons for that are as below:

  • Firstly I stay at a rented house, so why stuff things unnecessarily?
  • I like more of window shopping than actual buying 😉
  • I only buy if I really feel it is absolutely needed, like the other day I ordered a new phone online since my last one was really giving me trouble with its touch screen 😦

Two other things I ended up buying are a “Dream-Catcher” for myself and a painting for a friend.


Dream catcher at my House now 🙂

Why I bought this, then?

Because of these two things -> Firstly I somehow always liked them and had a fascination for them. Secondly, it was bought for a cause.

Yes, a cause. Last Saturday a flea market was set up at our complex, so I decided to go and have a look at it. It was here that I came across a stall which was selling hand made stuff, and this Dream-catcher was one of them. As I walked to the stall the lady there Ms. Shalini Datta former software professional and now founder of an NGO – “After Taste- Art For Service, Art With A Purpose” shared with me the story behind this project and  and how she is trying to help some 45 odd women from a slum called Ambujwadi in Malad west near Malwani get onto there feet.

Shalini started this NGOaout six and half years ago and helps the women from the above-mentioned slums to learn how to make various stuff (all hand made) and earn a dignified living and improve there living conditions. I was moved by what they do and felt like contributing whatever little I could so I bought this beautiful Dream-catcher.

Christmas is around the corner and so is the Joy of gifting, and if you are planning to buy some gifts for your family, friends and or business associates do get in touch with Shalini on any of their below mentioned social media links.

See their work by visiting their social media pages by clicking any or all these links >>> Facebook page ~Aftertaste and “Instagram@aftertaste_india

Also, please see the videos of her community members and listen to their inspiring stories by clicking this link here >>> AfterTaste-Shattering Social Barriers Through Art 

If you wish to contribute for the good hard work which these women have put in to bring out some amazing creations for us all please “Donate Here”



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