Book Review ~ OUR SONG (Milan Vohra)

This book came to me about two weeks ago and I also ended up reading it the very next day, yet it took me a long time to share my reading experience. Last 10 days were very hectic and so the delay 😦

Anyways coming to my reading experience of this book.

Book: Our Song

Author: Milan Vohra 

Publisher: Harper Collins

Genre: Romance (Fiction)

Cover design: Geetanjali Kapoor

The cover gives a feel-good factor as it showcases flowers of different colors the light background just enhances the beauty of both the flowers and its colors. The Pink back cover goes well with the romance as is the genre of this book.

The book is about Ragini an aspiring singer and music composer who gets the chance to compose a song for a major Pharmaceutical company. She is on her way but the auto rickshaw breaks down in the middle of nowhere and to make things worse her sandal to gives way. Out of frustration, she throws her sandal off the bridge which lands on motorcyclist who was on his way to office. He goes to confront the person who threw the sandal and Ragini remembers him seeing from somewhere. They studied in the same school and he was her senior. Andrew does not remember meeting her but eventually gives her a lift to her destination.

Ragini is late for the appointment and Mr. Arya no longer wants to meet her. She sees Andrew there in the same company coming out of Mr. Arya’s office and asks him to help her.

She gets the chance to show her work but with the condition that she will compose the song on the company premises and will have to come to the office every day for the next two months. Reluctantly she agrees and thus starts the story of the song and something else 😉

The book is a good read, with a dash of humor. Easy read as language is quite simple and all of it contained beautifully in just 231 pages. I finished reading it the same day. I got the feeling as if I am reading one of those Mills & Boons books but with very few romantic moments. Some more romance could have been added and so could be the steamy scenes which were just touched upon, something similar to what we can see in old movies (kissing behind the flower or umbrella)

I would say it was a good effort by the author in this genre but there is scope of writing even better. My rating for this book is 3.5 out of 5 and if you wish to read a light romance this is your kind of book. The book is available in both the versions “Kindle” as well as “Paperback”

The links for purchasing this book online are as below:

Amazon Buy >>>> Our Song (Milan Vohra)

Flipkart >>>> Our Song (Milan Vohra)

For more information on the author and publisher please click here >>> Milan Vohra(Author)  and HarperCollins(Publisher)

P.S: This book review is part of Blogchatter Book Review Program and I am very thankful to Sona Grover (Blogchatter) and Prateek (Team HarperCollins) for giving me the pleasure of reading this fine book and asking me to share my reading experience with you all.  


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