Give away’s led to a memorable takeaway

It’s the time of the year when I tried to declutter my wardrobe. Although I am not much of a shopper yet I was surprised to find so many clothes in my wardrobe (courtesy my younger brother) which are no longer used.

I spend the entire afternoon separating the ones that were to be kept and the ones which were to go out. By the time I finished, I had two bags full of clothes. Now that this part was done the most crucial one was to give them away to someone who was in need of them. The clothes were all in good condition, neatly packed.

Last entire week kept me busy with Diwali festivities. My mom and brother had come down and so did my sister and niece, and guess what even my brother had brought two bags full of clothes from his house. So in total, I now had four bags full of men’s clothing which needed to be given off.

Today was the day when I along with my mom set off to give away the clothes to a charitable trust run by Missionaries close by. All the bags loaded in the car trunk we reached the place.

I saw the Nun there and informed her our reason for coming, she smiled and asked us to drop the bags near the office. I left the bags at the designated place and as I was about to start the car, I noticed a beautiful flower the kind which I had never seen before.

I got down from the car went up to the Nun and asked her if I can take the pictures of that flower. She once again smiled and nodded in yes. I took out my smartphone and managed to take these pics. I loved the color and the design of the flower. Isn’t is amazing and beautiful?


Nature’s Jewel- Purple Passion Flower

I went to give away some clothes to the needy and ended up receiving this unforgettable gift from mother nature. I will cherish this for a long time.

Have you seen this flower? Do share your comments and thoughts. Also if any of you can tell me which flower is this I will be really grateful.

Update: True to her nature one of my dear friends and a fellow blogger came to my rescue and helped me out with the name of the flower. The flower is commonly known as “Purple Passion Flower” also called maypop and goes by several other names one of them being ‘true passionflower’. 

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