From My Diary- Choices I Made#6

As mentioned in my latest post on this series, this is the last post from this series. In this post, I am sharing the short term jobs which I took up just to keep myself afloat when I was finding it hard to concentrate on my Financial planning venture.

Why I took up my 1st job at the age of 17 is answered in my earlier post  “From My Diary – Choices I made ~ #1” and then why I moved on to my 2nd one and why I left that can be read here >>. “From My Diary – Choices I made ~ #2” 

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The one which I did for about three months was at a pure veg hotel, located near Calangute beach in Goa, this was in the year 2011 between Deepawali and New year.

I reached goa but had no idea how long I will be there so I searched for something to keep myself busy and earn a livelihood. After asking for a job at several places I finally got one at Hotel Rasoi.

Karanbhai was the owner of the hotel. When he realized I can speak English well he offered me the job of a waiter since the tourist season was approaching. I took up the job and started the next day.

The job offered my place to stay and food to eat so my biggest concern was taken care of. After about three days of my joining Karanbhai’s elder brother Ranjitji came from their hometown. Ranjitji observed me and my work for about 3 days and then he asked me why I was there?

I did not have much to say and he probably understood that. But what he said to me after that is something which I will never forget. I said Nilesh I don’t know why you are here but all I know is that you are not what you seem like, I know you won’t be here for long so for you there is no fixed work hours, you may work whenever you feel like and however long you feel, you will get a salary of Rs. 4,000/- and whatever tips you will earn.

I worked there giving my best and thus became the waiter who earned maximum tips. Because of my good behavior with all the staff right from dishwasher to the ustad (head chef), everybody was more than courteous to me and I got the preferred treatment over that of my peer waiter colleagues.

I was happy as long as I worked their 🙂

When I decided to come back Ranjitji offered me a proposal which was very tempting. He asked me to find a place for a hotel in Thane and manage it, he was ready to invest. This gesture on his part was very kind and elevating. I told him I will think about it.

I did think about it but then realized that for him it was a business and all about money, if I get into it I will be tied up and that was something I never wanted, so I never worked on that proposal.

After coming back from Goa I did went back to meet them several times with my friends during our vacation trips to Goa.

Karanbhai has brought up a 1bhk fully furnished apartment in Arpora to let out to tourists, so if anyone of you ever want to go to goa and need a homely comfort stay do get in touch with me and I will make the necessary arrangements for you. He also has a beach shack on Anjuna beach named ‘Tantra’.

The other short term job which I took up some time in 2013 was with a production team of the then famous serial “Uttran”

I worked on the sets for about four months. I did not get any salary but they were kind enough to give me food and breakfast and some role as extras whenever the opportunity arrived. I was at times asked to stand as a duplicate ( hind shot) for Mr. Rathod played by Gaurav Chopra. I also remember playing a dead body once while working their 🙂

The experience working there was good but then I realized this is not the place for me. Being in production my work was to get the things done on set which required too much shouting and I never liked it, so I quit it after working for about four months or so.

While working on the sets I could see how much effort and hard work everyone puts in and the dynamics involved in the making of the episodes. I have some fond memories of the people I worked with especially that of Rashmi Desai, she is very sweet, kind and humble.

I sometimes feel I am so blessed that people welcomed me wherever I went and respected me. Do I deserve all this love is something I used to ask myself then.

The explorer in me was lost somewhere in the race of the worldly pursuits and desires but the day I found myself again my whole life changed for good. I now feel liberated and enlightened as if attained Nirvana. I am more alive and in tune with myself and this is my greatest wealth 🙂

I believe each one of us has a story to tell of their struggles and their victories. I put up mine here for you all to read through this blog series, and I have also been reading that of others as well. Blogging opened up a new dimension and world to me of which I knew nothing until I started writing myself.

I hope you all enjoyed reading posts from this series. I wish to thank you all for being part of this journey of mine. I would love to hear from you all.

Love and Gratitude

Nilesh Sharma