Ever-expanding horizons

I started blogging in September 2016, and then I had no idea what to expect. But then I also live by the philosophy of doing things without expectations. And as always the rewards I reaped were beyond imagination.

My journey to blogging started with blogger (blog-spot). I used to write posts as and when I felt like and that’s it. I hardly read posts from any other bloggers. This continued for a long time. Writing brought a sense of fulfillment to me and so I focussed more on it. But then as they say to be a good writer you first have to be a good reader. So I started exploring the web to find other bloggers and what they write.

It was then that I came across IndiBlogger. I found that this is where most of the bloggers upload their content. I registered my self on IndiBlogger and started submitting my posts here. My blog’s viewership reached out to more people. They read my posts and shared their thoughts. This gave me the opportunity to visit their sites and read their content.

I discovered that many of them used WordPress instead of blog-spot. I created my account on WordPress and did some experimenting before I migrated from blog-spot to WordPress.

The transition was good and more rewarding. With Indiblogger I could only read Indian bloggers content but WordPress gave me exposure to the global audience 🙂


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As reading increased newer discoveries came along and one such was BlogChatter. BlogChatter became my platform for Book Reviews. I have written two book reviews so far and this led to the addition of one more category to my blog “Reviews”.

Here is the link to the Book Reviews I have written for BlogChatter “Book Review Program”

Book Review~ Missing Presumed Dead (Kiran Manral)

Book Review~ NOBODY’S CHILD (Kanchana Banerjee)

One of my well-wishers asked if I would be interested in participating in #MyFriendAlexa Season 4 campaign. I asked what it is all about and she explained to me all about it. I enrolled for the campaign and voila am I happy 🙂


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In addition to the blogs I follow now I am also able to read at least 8 more new blogs about which I had no idea. So yes I am now reading much more than I used to do earlier. Making news friends sharing notes and suggestions. This community has given me so much more and is helping me learn more and know more about so many things.

My gratitude and thanks to all of you who have supported and motivated me to write more. Special thanks to all who have helped me improvise my writing skills and language and for suggesting tools to keep in check grammatical mistakes. Aesthetics of this blog site could also be enhanced only because of keen observation and constructive feedback from one fellow blogger and for this, I will ever remain grateful.

Blogging has not only helped me share my experience but has also enriched me from the collective experience of all the fellow bloggers who share their stories and work.

I intend to take my blog to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa Season 4 organized by #BlogChatter

36 thoughts on “Ever-expanding horizons

  1. I can relate to your blogging experience. Yes, I also started to blog using Blogger. I also joined Indiblogger. I was not sure if I should go to a paid site, because not many read my posts. I moved to wordpress free site a few years back. I got a marginal improvement in traffic. Then I joined myfriendalexa, this is my second year, and A2Z blogging challenge. During the events, traffic improved thereafter, it went back to as before. I guess one has to read at least 8 – 10 post per day along with regular posting minimum to two posts per week. Yes people visit posts if the gesture is reciprocated. Many a time, people busy with their daily lives may not find time to read many posts beyond their known circle.

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    • Thank you so much Abhijit for reading my post and writing back. Yes I realised the importance of reading and responding to other bloggers posts. Yes all of us are busy but we always find time for things we like to do. Thank you once again. Until next time 🙂

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  2. Totally relate with you Nilesh. Blogchatter has given me this wonderful opportunity more than once. Once with blogchatteratoz and now myfriendalexa. By far I swear it’s a wonderful journey the reading is whelming but helps me learn everyday. #damurureads #myfriendalexa Damurucreations.com

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  3. I guess most of the blogging community can relate to this post. Glad you’ve found your voice through the medium of the written word.Every day is a learning process here. BTW, I am still a “Blogger” loyalist, I just find it so easy and simple!

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    • Yes I think so as even I can relate to so many bloogers and their stories. Sometimes others guide us towards our hidden potential, I loved writing but never thought I will be blogging and now that I am I am sharpening my writing skills for even more 🙂 They say once an actor always an actor, so a blogger with one post or a regular will always be a blooger 😉 Wishing you all the success my only advice from what I have learned is be consisitent. Thank you so much for reading my post and sharing your thoughts.


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