Book Review- NOBODY’S CHILD (Kanchana Banerjee)

Give me a book and I am sorted, but when you get the opportunity to write about it that’s even better.


NOBODY’S CHILD by KANCHANA BANERJEE came as part of Book Review Program from BlogChatter and I must say what a delight reading it was!!!

The book runs as a monologue from two characters “Avniel” and “Kamini” and flashes between 2016, 2018 and 2019

The main protagonist is Asavari around whom these monologues take place.

Asavari a small-town girl wins the prestigious singing contest “Indian Koel” despite all odds. Without any formal training and no one by her side to support she wins the contest.

The runner un Tanya Pratap Singh is the daughter of rich and famous Pratap Singh and Kamini Pratap Singh. Pratap is dead but Kamini takes over the reins of his business and is now carving her path into active politics. She is a woman with a dark past and has made her journey all the way up from gully’s in Varanasi to being Heiress of 2000 crore business empire (left behind by her loving husband Pratap Singh).

Avniel is a small-time journalist withΒ  Filmfare who loses his chance after an episode of drinking and misbehaving with a famous film actress in one of the parties. He now is desperate to find a story, his only salvation to make it big.

Luck comes knocking on his door as he bumps into Asavari one of the contestants who came to Mumbai for audition of “Indian Koel”

As Avniel hears Asavari sing he has but no doubt that she stands a very good chance to win the contest. He sees a story in her (a bestseller) and wants to cash it before anyone else can. With his charm and easy-going mannerism, he befriends Asavari.

Asavari wins the contest and this does not go down well with Kamini, runner up Tanya’s mother. She had big plans and Asavari has just ruined everything.

But she won’t sit quiet, what follows is something nobody had anticipated. With the help of Dheeraj (right-hand man of Kamini), she devises a plan to get Asavari out of her way so that her political aspirations are fulfilled.

Asavari meets with an accident month after her winning the contest and the news of her death takes the entire nation by surprise, This happened in the year 2016.

Avniel, writes a book on Asavari’s life and publishes it within two months of her death. The book as he envisioned becomes a best seller and he becomes famous out of the blues.

But everything changes when Asavari suddenly reappears after two years mysteriously in 2018, with bruises all over her body and scars on her face. She was found by one of the journalists outside the Churchgate station and thus starts the mayhem.

A series of questions are raised, Avniel and Kamini are both shocked to find Asavari alive and walking out of the dead. What is it which they are hiding?

The book takes you through roller-coaster ride and you can’t wait to find out what happened to Asavari in these two years. Where was she? How she survived? Who helped her? Who was behind her accident? What dark secrets lie in the closet of the past? and many more.

All and all the book will keep you hooked as the monologues progress.

The characters are very well sketched and the story moves in smooth progression with Love, deceit, trauma, emotional turmoil and hunger for power and success being the main elements of the story.

A terrific work of fiction by Kanchana Banerjee all packed in just 327 crisp pages which comes from the publication house of Harper Black (An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers) for you all to read and immerse in.

My rating for the book is good 3.5 out of 5, and I highly recommend it if you love suspense and drama. There is not a single dull moment as you flip pages and without even you knowing it the story reaches the end or is it the new beginning πŸ˜‰

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy now by clicking any one of the links below:

Buy Online here >>>>Β Harper Collins IndiaΒ orΒ Amazon India

Learn more about the author “Kanchana Banerjee” >>>> ‘Tap me’

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31 thoughts on “Book Review- NOBODY’S CHILD (Kanchana Banerjee)

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    • Hahhaa thank you Noor for asking this πŸ™‚ Well it’s a very subjective thing what you may rate as five I may not like at all. I find the same corollary with movie reviews, the movies which reviewers often criticize or give 2 or less rating I up end up enjoying them. I hope that answers your question.

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  2. A great review that entices readers to read the book. Now that you have aroused my curiosity about what happened, I guess only way to quench it is by reading. A great job.

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    • A job well done I guess πŸ˜‰ I loved the book but then that is about me, please share your reading experience. I hope you like it too Abhijit. Thank you for reading this post and sharing your thoughts πŸ™‚


  3. I read Kanchana Bannerjee’s first book and was slightly disappointed. But this book seems to have struck a chord with many people. Yours is the third positive review I am reading about this book. Definitely in my list.

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    • Hmmmm I can relate but then we all can not be on the same side of the page always πŸ˜‰ Let meknow your reading experience once done. And yes Thank you so much Jaya for reading this post and sharing your thoughts πŸ™‚


    • Thats the way it is with life, people or books some will be favor and some against. Only you have the power to choose which way you need to go. Wishing you all the Best and Thank you so much for reading this post and sharing your thoughts Vartika πŸ™‚


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