Nature’s Jewels- The Orchid flower

As you all know I have a love for photography too. Although not with a professional camera but every now and then when I see something pleasing which makes me happy and smile I capture them on my smartphone camera.

I love nature and have shared some snaps from nature in my earlier posts. If you have missed them below is the list and links for my earlier posts on nature photography:

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Invisible Butterfly

Today I am sharing with you the pic of an orchid flower from the gardens of one of my family friends with whom I stayed for two days during my road trip. They live in Pallakad in Kerala, India.


Orchid Flower

Isn’t it a lovely and beautiful sight? Something that brings smile on your face πŸ™‚

The Green stem is the slender body and the arms adorns the white flower signifying purity, and the buds represent a new life in progression. The subtle pink shade giving the impression that having known thatΒ I was admiring its beauty the flower seemed blushing, aware of the fact that there before her is someone who admires beauty.Β 

Yes or no?

If not let this pic and post be your reason to smile and acknowledge yourself for being the beautiful person you all are.

Beauty is all around us be it in stars, or in skies, flowers or birds, oceans and waterfalls, people and their souls. Just put on the lens and look for the miracles unraveling itself everywhere.

Happy Day πŸ™‚


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