“Happy Friendship Day”


Source- Google Images

We are all busy with so much in life that seldom do we find time to unwind or connect with our friends.

My close friends are from my college and school days. Few I made in the course of time while working. Most of them are married and are working 6 days a week. And since we all stay at different locations within the same city, so coming together makes it all the more difficult.

But then these are also the kind of friends who have seen me and been with me for most part of my life, so even if we rarely talk or might meet only occasionally it does not make much of a difference.

What remains important is that when we connect, we start from where we left and the time-lapse just vanishes.

Today on this special day, I  called most of them to wish them “Happy Friendship Day” either over phone or text message and email 🙂

Did you wish ‘Happy Friendship Day”?


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