On a Rainy Day along the creek…


One day when I went to the creek at Thane for some me time, it started raining and I noticed these gentleman’s. They both had their umbrella’s on and yet they were standing below this tree and I wondered, why???

Maybe one is not enough, I thought.

That is how things are nowadays, everyone is so concerned about safety and security that one is not enough, we need layers of them.

Our houses have a door, and a security door. The building/ premises have a security guard and then we also have closed-circuit cameras (CCTV) installed in the building premises. Isn’t that so?

So what big deal if these guys want an extra layer of protection from rains 🙂

Do you recollect some vague thought that came to your mind and you wondered, Why so?


3 thoughts on “On a Rainy Day along the creek…

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