Who First ?


Me First!!!

It took me a long time to realize that this is possibly the only approach to embrace life in order to stay happy.
I may sound selfish here, but then I need to be.
Who is responsible for your well being and happiness if not you?
So yes, I am selfish
Like many of you, in my earlier days, I too was a carefree and merry go lucky person, who found it difficult to say NO and believed in pleasing everyone.
When you have good intentions and want to help everyone, usually people start taking you for granted. And most of the time the people who take you for ride are your near and dear ones.
Then comes a time when you reach a point and you say enough is enough.
All of a sudden you start saying NO more often than YES. People around you find it difficult to understand this new version of you.
As long as you were saying YES and agreed to do things there way all was good, but the moment you started saying NO and went into rebellion mode you became a problem or a threat.
But then soon you realize that this too is not the perfectly right approach.
So what is the right approach?
This is the time when you go into self-introspection mode ( I did ), if you truly wish to seek the answers to what went wrong.
Soon you get enlightened and understand that it is not because of others that you suffered, it was all because of you.
From this point on you take charge of your life and the greatest revelation of this life dawns on you.
And what is this grand revelation???
Yes, balance it is.
And this lets you learn and cultivate the art of saying YES when you truly want to say yes, and NO when it is absolutely necessary to say so.
I have learned a lot from mother nature, as even there you see how beautiful life is balanced by nature amongst the five elements viz Fire, Earth, Air, Water & Ether.
Any imbalance in any one leads to natural calamity and destruction. That is the way of mother nature to bring back the equilibrium and such is our’s. After all, we are part of this divine creation.
Ever since I understood the power of this mystical wonder, my life changed and it changed for good πŸ™‚
One other thing which I have made my life philosophy and have learned from our life cycle which I practice every moment of my existence is in the following order.
First comes “ME” then my “FAMILY” followed by “FRIENDS” and the last one in the order of priority is “WORK”
Why the above?
Well, you will agree that only after YOU are born, does your FAMILY becomes relevant, then as you grow FRIENDS come in and then comes the necessity to WORK in order to make money to buy comfort and convenience. Isn’t it so???
Whether you agree with me or have a difference of opinion it does not matter, all that matters is you find your way of creating a balance in your life,
I would love and appreciate if you take time out to drop your insights and comments.
Happy day, Happy LIFE!!!

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