Book Review: 26 Days 26 Ways for a happier You (Priyanka Nair)

Book Review
Cover Page of the E-Book

Book Name: 26 Days 26 Ways for a happier you (An A to Z guide to Self- Help and Self – Awareness)
Author: Priyanka Nair
Genre: Self-help
Pages: 72

The book offers its reader a chance to amend the ways of dealing with self, people, relationships and our emotions.

As the name goes the book offers 26 insights into various aspects of life that affect our mental health, relationships and above all our self-esteem and confidence.

Topics like Acceptance, Letting go, Negativity, Stop Pleasing and many more which often some find difficult to overcome are beautifully dealt with and written about.

The book not only talks about the issues but also gives practically tried and tested solutions as it comes from Priyanka’s (Author) own life experiences.

In several instances Priyanka has very beautifully used idioms and quotes to put her point and perspective across for the readers.

The easy flow of words and simple language makes it a smooth read powered with loads of impact.

I have been through the same set of experiences and learned a lot from my own experience, back then knowledge by way of internet and social media was not within reach of most as can be seen now.

This Ebook can be your source of learning and inspiration to avoid the pitfalls and/ or come out of them using Priyanka’s Wisdom as a guiding star someone else’s Wisdom force.

Why read this book?
Each day brings with its challenges and opportunities, but seldom do all focus only on opportunities. Instead, all the attention stays on the hardships and the struggle that each life comes with. We all have a choice to design our destiny. I have shared one such in my earlier post “From My Diary- Choices I made ~ #1

This book offers you all the simple key to unlock the gates of opportunities and perspective you never might have thought of. This book comes handy by way of its 26 ways to take charge of your life and design your own destiny the way you always wanted.

About the Author:
Priyanka Nair is a full-time blogger and a Vlogger now. Before venturing into the world of blogging which according to her is her “Happy Space” she worked with various multinationals for over eight years.

Priyanka battled with depression during her critical illness and it was during those days she got the time to introspect and analyze her life and then decided to take charge of herself and had to take some tough decisions to make amends in her life and come out as a survivor.

From her interactions on people through her blogs, Priyanka realized that there are a lot of people who are in the same boat as she once was in, so she actively started sharing her story and this helped people thus contributing towards the betterment of people and society in general.

She got so involved that she got motivated to acquire a skill set in the field of Mental awareness that Priyanka is now also pursuing her Doctorate in Psychology.

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Happy day 🙂

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