When I was a Kid, I ran away from "MILK"

Yes we all have been there, when we were kids…. and boy what a time it was :)))

Then it was all about just playing and eating and beating and when I think of more the list will go on and on and on…

Back then my Mom would often be behind me to drink “MILK”, making all sorts of stories and giving examples to explain how Milk was so important for our overall health.

I am sure your mom or you as a parent now, too does that?

If yes, then you must continue reading this post…

Few years ago a very close friend of mine introduced me to one of his colleague. It was a very brief interaction and we never met again.

Very recently the same old friend called me up and asked me to talk to Vidushi, since she needed some professional help related to one of my fields of expertise,.

I asked, Vidushi…… Who?

It took him some time to help me recollect who he was talking about.

Vidushi is still his colleague but is now “Dr Vidushi Agrawal” in fact a very renowned “Dietician & Nutritionist”

I was checking out her website, when I came across her blog-post Why NO to MILK & YES to CURD & PANEER (COTTAGE CHEESE)

On the same lines, I also came across her video  “Beautiful Explanation on Relationship between Diabetes & Milk”

I was astonished to find how Milk could play a part in Diabetes. It was hard to believe for me as a layman, so I saw her complete profile on her website and her credentials.

I found out that not only is she well qualified with a long-standing practice and seemed to be an authoritative figure in her filed., since she also has to her credit several  “Recognition & Awards” which speak for her.

She knows what she’s speaking and this made me think, should one consume milk, at all?

Well as they say there is always three set/ group of people The ones who are “FOR” then there are those who are “AGAINST”. I belong to the third group, that of a “NEUTRAL”. My main reason being I do not have milk except for a very little quantity that too in my morning cuppa tea.

Whether you should or wish to continue with drinking or having milk in your daily diet is something you need to decide, but yes if you are looking for some Diet advise do get in touch with Dr. Vidushi Agrawal through her website or Blog.

And if you already have a Dietician, but need someone to home deliver “Healthy Food” for you (only in Mumbai) then please log on to “www.leanmeal.co” for some yummy and mouth-watering recipes
specially designed and  handcrafted, as per their in house assessment or your Dietician’s diet chart

Hope the information shared here was helpful.

If you found this article useful please share with your friends and near and dear ones. And do not forget to send in your feedback and please drop in the comments section.

Happy Day 🙂

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