Being busy, is not an excuse….

I am not big time into gardening, but I do have a set of plants in the balcony of my flat.

Most of the time I am out for work so tending to them is not possible every day. But I do like to water them and love to see them bloom and grow.
Yesterday I got this chance after almost after a week, and it was not a very pleasant scene, they were dry and seemed to be dying.
I watered them tenderly and hoped for their revival. I waited patiently and checked them the following day. Yes they had responded and are on their way to bloom and grow again. The site was very overwhelming and filled me with joy πŸ™‚
This exercise also brought to my attention how caring and paying attention is so important and necessary for all, be it plants in our garden, or people whom we love and care for,Β  and most importantly the people who are part of our daily lives. Be it at home or work or at some distant land. Talk to them often, be a good listener and be there for them if not always, at least whenever they need you.

Being busy with work is important but this can not or should not be an excuse for not paying due attention to the responsibilities one takes on.

My way of practicing this simple… I have consciously made some deliberate choices in life which in short says … “Have less, give MORE”

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