As a person, we all have the mind to think (Intellect), varied sense of feelings (Emotions) and the body (Physical being). The band or spectrum of these three may vary in different people as with others.
We connect with different people at different levels. It can be intellectual, emotional or physical. If anyone of this connection is established we say we have a ‘connect’.
This first level of connection may or may not lead to the second level connect. But if connection is established at any two out of the above three levels, there is a very high possibility that third level connection can also come into force.
Look amongst the relationships you have or have had, be it with friend, relative, colleague, people you have come across in life so far. With each one of them you connect at some level. With a complete stranger, you may develop one someday.
So in our life there are some people with whom we can talk anything as far as it is intellectual, but with other we only talk personal and or emotional stuff, yet with others it is more of physical connect something like hand-holding, kissing, cuddling, walking together, etc… which involves more of bodily connect (not necessarily sexual). One of these connect will always be dominant with some while with limited few all is well balanced. Thus, when we connect with people at all the three levels they are our Soul-mates, they stay in our life forever
The possibility is that there may be either no one, while sometimes we may have one or even more Soul-mates. Anyone can be our soul-mate, possibility is endless……
Having said that, there is one more kind of soul-mate, that ONE very special person with whom we already are or may someday connect at one higher level which is above all soul-mates. You will know in your heart of hearts, this is the one. With this awareness and realization, the connection is absolute, and the circle is complete. This special person is your “SOULMATE”.
With this special person you will develop a level of bond which is above everyone and everything else. No matter what, you will always be together. Growing together as individuals and as a couple. This is your companion for life the one with whom you want to share everything….. Your experiences, your ideas, your feelings, your needs, nothing remains incomplete.
You might be surely knowing such a couple. One look at them and you know they are complete “A Perfect Couple”. Married or not married, the only thing that matters to them is being together. Some get lucky very first time either knowingly or unknowingly…. while others are in search or might start their search someday.
Have you found your “SOULMATE” yet?

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